Our Programs

Sponsor a sea life saving swim and we will save sea life in your honor

When you sponsor a sea life saving swim we will swim around the reef removing fishing line, lead weights, plastics, and any other human material to help not only Save The Sea Turtles but the fish, the reef, the endangered monk seals, sharks, dolphins, and even whales are affected by plastic ingestion and entanglement. We will send you photos from the dive with a slate with your name, brand, or whomever you decide to dedicate the dive to. You can even opt to get a charm bracelet from some of the fishing line we cut during your dive. We will send you photos and some video and give you a thank you shot out in social media. This is a great gift, brand promotion opportunity, and great way for anyone or any business to help offset some human impacts on the natural world. Removal of fishing line is also a great gift idea for a fisherman and future generations as it helps keep fish stocks healthy. 

Community Connections

We do online and in person educational events and programs. Due to COVID19 restrictions we are limiting our educational events to online IG live sessions, educational posts, and making coloring pages and videos available online to kids and adults around the world. Stay tuned to our Instagram: @SaveTheSeaTurtlesInternational for the next live event and send us an email about what you would like to learn more about.